The Better Than Stretching Workout™ Video

This workout video:

  • is a partner workout, which makes it ideal for trainers, coaches, friends, etc. (we hope you have at least one of those!).

  • is the introduction to a system called NeoROMex™: the most complete system for simultaneously increasing strength and flexibility throughout your entire body.

  • focuses particularly on the hip joint, in order to increase both power and range of motion in the legs, hips, and back.

  • has a bonus feature that teaches a "cross-chain" exercise to strengthen your core, while increasing ROM in the hip.

  • will give you unprecedented results within the first 3 weeks of using it!

    We know how excited you are to see what the heck we are talking about and to put it to work for you! And we're excited too!

    Please click on the rack to watch the trailer & purchase your copy of The Better Than Stretching Workout™ video!!

    Better Than Stretching!

    AND... if you love the idea of never "stretching" again, and want to let others know how you feel, wear it right on your T-Shirt!

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