Do Workout Routines Work?

Yes! And NO! And well it sort of depends...

The reason Workout Routines don't work is because a “Routine” is a fixed, unvarying program. AND, because of something known as the

S.A.I.D. principal:


Adaptation to



In other words, the more you do something, the better you become at doing it!

Aerobics instructors run into this often. When they first start teaching several “routinized” aerobic classes each week, the instructors loose weight and gain muscle. BUT, after the first few months the instructors will start gaining weight. This happens because their caloric intake has remained the same YET, their caloric EXPENDITURE has decreased.

“How is that possible if they’re doing the exact same routines and therefore the same amount of work?”

Good question! I am so glad you asked.

The aerobics instructor’s bodies have become more EFFICIENT at performing their routines. Their bodies have adapted specifically to the demands imposed on them, resulting in the ability to perform the work with less energy expenditure.

For most exercise goals such as weight loss, body building, body composition changes, even health and wellness, workout routines do NOT work simply because they are in fact Routines. Often it only takes your body a couple of weeks to adapt to your routine, and your results diminish or, as all the muscle and fiction magazines like to say, “plateau.”

The difference between a Workout routine and a Workout PROGRAM is one of the reasons why Personal Training is so popular. A Personal Trainer knows that you have to constantly change the workout routine as your body adapts to it. It doesn’t have to be a major change just a little adjustment to one or more variables. Most Personal Training certifications teach the acronym:



How often you exercise


Usually refers to how heavy the resistance is, or what motor units are required.


This one could be a little more nebulous, but includes: Duration of actual work, Amount of Rest (recovery time), Tempo, etc.

Of course, this is only the most rudimentary classification of variables. In addition to these, there are many more variables to choose from, including, but of course not limited to:

Sequence (order) of exercises,


R.O.M. (Range Of Motion) in which exercises are performed. (If you want be really technical, when you change the R.O.M. of an exercise, you actually create a new exercise!)

Herein lies the genius of The Better Than Stretching Workout™ and the NeoROMex system. The Range of motion in which you perform the exercises is always improving, and your available strength is always increasing!

Thus, you will never “outgrow” any of our

Workout Routines!