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Rage & Taryn

Rage & Taryn,

I just want to congratulate the two of you on producing such an excellent video. I've long been part of the "anti-stretching" crusade and your Stop Stretching DVD has been the perfect addition to my "toolbox" to help me deliver INSTANTLY MEASUREABLE RESULTS to my fitness coaching clients.

I have a story about one particular client. At age 50, she has a history of chronic knee pain (a total of 11 knee surgeries will do that to ya' apparently!). Basic movements such as sitting and standing have been a major chore for many years. Recognizing her lack of mobility as potential sign of WEAKNESS, all I did was apply your prone "knuckles" technique - then she had to go downstairs to let her dogs out. When she walked back into the room, she was almost crying and told me "it's a miracle"... (I honestly had no idea what she was talking about!) She went on to explain how she was able to GLIDE up and down the stairs pain free for the first time in years. And this was only a few minutes into our very first session! We've been working together for a couple weeks now and have not done traditional "stretching" exercises once, yet every time I see her, she shows me a new "trick" she can do - This morning, she demonstrated how she was able to cross her legs to put her socks on instead of wrenching her leg behind her just so she could reach her foot. Without performing a single stretch, this woman's ability to MOVE has increased immensely!

The coolest thing is that this isn't just a lucky "accident". Using the techniques you teach, ALL of my clients experience a significant increase in range of motion.

The Stop Stretching revolution has begun!!! Can't wait for your next DVD!

Joe Stankowski
IDEA Master Trainer
Men's Fitness training adviser
Co-Author of "The Power of Champions"


I’m Norma Jean and I have been a Pilates instructor for 6 years. I am a big fan of NeoROMex and use it on myself and clients regularly.

I have one client in her 60's that is extremely stiff and inflexible. After 4 years of doing Pilates regularly, she has gained a tremendous amount of core strength, but her flexibility has barely improved. I decided to try NeoROMex with her and the results have been significant. Her flexibility has improved more from doing NeoROMex for 6 weeks than it had doing Pilates for 4 years. Now we begin all our sessions with NeoROMex.

I have also always suffered from lower back and knee pain when flying in airplanes. On a recent trip to New York I was suffering after the long flight. I was at a restaurant and felt the urge to do NeoROMex, but there was no where to lay down. I went to the bathroom and did the NeoROMex exercises standing. To my pleasant surprise, my pain went away, and stayed away during my flight home.

I no longer stretch my legs after running or working out. If my legs, back, or hips are aching, I do NeoROMex and it usually takes the pain away. I see how it helps my clients with their Pilates workouts. My clients also enjoy the exercises and can feel how it benefits their bodies.

I recommend this workout to all types of exercise instructors and anyone else that would like to improve their flexibility.

Norma Jean,
Pilates Diva (ha ha)
Bad Cat Pilates

I have been formally working-out for about 28 years, since my early forties. I have swum, done aerobic dancing, used weight machines and had a few trainers. One particularly good trainer introduced me to the practice of endurance and weight training discipline. When he moved to the South Bay area I found Taryn, and her partner, Rage. I have been "training" with Taryn ever since. Here at the age of 70 I have a torn meniscus, some vague signs of arthritis, and a vulnerable back - and I am for the most part pain free and enjoying increased strength, flexibility, improving balance, and more reliable vigor than previously. I credit NeoROMex with my improvements, and, of course, the steadiness of using it regularly in my workouts. Thanks Taryn and Rage.

Joy S.