My Lesson about Stretching

by John

I was an athlete when I was in high school. I loved sports and pushing my limits. Even now I love to be active. I do lots of stretching to keep my body flexible, but I have stopped running.

I created my own problem. When I started running about 3 years ago I didn’t know the right stretching exercises. I didn’t ask for instructions or guidance. I just did some of this and some of that, with lots of leg exercises. One day, after doing some stretching I felt an awful pain in my hamstring. I couldn’t even walk. My friend took me to a doctor who recommended surgery. After that operation I stopped running. I also didn’t do any stretching exercises for about a year.

When I started stretching again I was much more conscientious. I read a lot to figure out the right way. Now I plan my stretching sessions so that I work through all of my body and focus on all my major muscles in the arms, thighs, legs, hips, back and shoulders. My favorite stretching exercises include the butt and hamstring stretch, butt and back stretch, groin stretch, thigh stretch and chest and anterior deltoid stretch. Generally I try to exercise in the morning after waking up and before going to sleep. Sometimes I can’t any stretches in the morning due to my work schedule. On those days, I do my stretching after lunch.

I usually stretch for an hour. The benefits are wonderful - improved blood flow and a big oxygen boost. I agree with the experts who say that proper stretching reduces the risk of pulled muscles, cramps and it is helpful for flexibility and stability. I read this somewhere that stretching even helps us to heal faster.

Since I resumed my stretching exercises, my whole outlook on life has improved, especially work-wise. My stamina is better and I love my flexibility. Thank you for encouraging other people to do their stretching every day. I will try your resistance style of stretching.

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Dec 12, 2013
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by: ballet class

Just a little video

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