We LOVE High Impact Gyrations!

High Impact Gyrations!

But what exactly are

High Impact Gyrations!?

Let's break it down...

>adjective 1. of great vertical extent... 4. extending above the normal level. 5. great in amount, value, size, or intensity...

>noun... 3. [informal] a state of euphoria

ORIGIN - Old English.

>noun 1. the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another. 2. a marked effect or influence.

>verb 1. come into forcible contact with another object. 2. (often impact on) have a strong effect. 3. press firmly.

DERIVATIVES - impactor >noun.

ORIGIN - from Latin impingere 'drive something in or at'.

>verb 1. move in a circle or spiral. 2. dance in a wild or suggestive manner.

DERIVATIVES - gyration >noun gyrator >noun.

ORIGIN - Latin gyrare 'revolve', from Greek guros 'a ring'.



1.A circular movement that results in a collision of great magnitude.

or, 2.A very sexy movement that creates an intense effect on observers.

Sounds like

Great Martial Arts &

Great Dancing!!

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So PLEASE Get Gyrating, Y'all!!